Malaita Provincial Government denies misplacing government funds


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The Malaita Provincial Government denies allegations it misplaced four-million dollars of Government funds.

Provincial Secretary Jackson Gege clarified the monies were not missing, but were comprised as bulky payments in one cheque.

Mr Gege said  it has been the normal practice at the office to sign several amounts of money together in one cheque.

“For example i signed one cheque when I go for travel. When I went away because I signed a cheque there, finance might have an opportunity to push in some payments. So i only signed one cheque and go to Honiara , and alot of people are under pressure there for their payments, ” he said.

“Just because of the pressure for their payment they put that one cheque under one payment. That’s the normal practice particularly when people are under pressure and angry.”

Mr Gege said he had instructed the officers to stop making bulky payments.

“The officers have made it a practice. What i strongly advised them is one cheque is for one person, one cheque one supplier. Not to make multiple payments in one cheque.”

The missing four million dollars came to light after the Malaita Forum President, Charles Dausabea raised it early this week.

Mr Dausabea claimed it was part of the Malaita provincial executive’s meeting last Friday.

BY: Kikiva Tuni. 

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