Government Disaster Waste management Concept plan in 2nd phase of implementation


The Solomon Islands Government through the National Disaster Operations Committee (N-DOC) has completed developing a Disaster Waste Management Clean-Up Concept and is now being implemented.

Implementation of concept plan involve the collection and disposal of hazardous materials including asbestos. Photo: MECDM Press

The concept was developed after the completion of the Initial Damage Assessment (IDA), when a report was compiled and deliberated upon by the various N-DOC sectors which culminated in the development of the SIG Disaster Waste Clean-Up Concept. 

The concept plan consist of 2 main components broken up into 3 phases. Phase 1 which is the preparation stage for any response sets out the following activities that must be done as a prerequisite for any clean-up to take place;

  • Individual agencies capability and preparedness to respond
  • Sourcing of appropriate PPEs’ and equipment
  • Positive messaging and communication of key messages to targeted audience using appropriate media formats (e.g., radio, web-based platforms and print media), 
  • Engagement with property owners (briefing on how the clean will be carried out, and their inputs required for the clean-up)


The concept plan is now in its second phase of implementation which involve the collection and disposal of hazardous materials including asbestos, and the removal and disposal liquid wastes. Given the various health risks involved in this operation only specialized contractors with previous experience in dealing with this type of task have been engaged.

The collection, removal and disposal of general wastes, demolition of remaining infrastructure that are deemed structurally unsafe, removal of debris and clearing of sites will also come under this phase 2 of the concept plan.This stage of the response should be generally safe as all hazardous wastes should have been cleared and disposed of safely.

A notice to make the public aware of the completion of the whole exercise will be issued as soon as all steps of the concept has been satisfactorily met. The concept plan is being jointly implimented by the Solomon Islands government through the National Disaster management Office, Honiara City Council, Ministry of Infrasructure Development and other key national agencies.

All property owners are asked to contact 27023 for a round table discussion with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Honiara City Council and NDMO on the 23rd December 2021 10am in the morning for further discussion in respect of the current undertaking.

Meanwhile the NDMO reminds the public that the six identified location still poses public health risks and remains NO GO ZONES except for disaster waste contractor who are engage to safely remove the disaster wastes.

-MECDM Press

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