Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Former General Secretary of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF), William Gua has questioned the Malaita Provincial Assembly for convening its Speaker’s election yesterday.

Mr. Gua said according to the Provincial Government Act, yesterday’s election was unconstitutional as the Provincial Assembly only issued the three-days election notice on Tuesday this week.

He says such a move only indicates desperation to elect a new Premier for Malaita Province.

“What concerned us is the back-dating of the notice to Monday 4pm so that it falls on Thursday, the right date to elect the Speaker. Now that’s where our disagreement lies because it seems they are trying to buy time to elect a Premier for the province.”

Mr Gua adds this will certainly affect the Premier’s election.

“In this case the Premier’s election would also be affected because that will need one full clear day. This means the Premier’s election will be held on Saturday, which is impossible.”

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