Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

New MP-elect for West Makira Derick Manuari has acknowledged the people of West Makira constituency for their trust and confidence in electing him into parliament.

Manuari has contested and won the West Makira constituency seat against rival – incumbent Dick Ha’amori.

In his victory message, Manuari acknowledged the people’s trust and confidence in him to lead them in the next four years in parliament.

“I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all the people of West Makira to entrust me the confidence to lead us for the next four years.”

Meanwhile, the new MP elect says, he is preparing to set up constituency development plan to coordinate development in West Makira four the next four years.

“First and foremost for us is to settle down and work together with the people to set up offices we are planning to put together to coordinate development in the constituency and look at constituency profiling to see the needs of people in the constituency and working together to package them to ensure there is sustainable development for the next four years.”

Manuari appeals to his other colleague candidates contesting the West Makira constituency to put away all political differences and work together for the development of West Makira constituency.

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