Malo village activates Covid-19 preparedness response 

A community action team at Malo village in Santa Cruz, Temotu Province this morning activated its Covid-19 preparedness response procedure as they are bracing themselves for a probable Covid community transmission in the far eastern island province.

Part of the community action group. Photo: Daisy Menaga

This was after they were notified that a suspected coronavirus infected person is currently in Lata, the province’s capital.
The suspected virus carrier reportedly traveled to the provincial township in a flight from Honiara on Tuesday this week.
Equipped with knowledge, information and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from a project under World Vision – the action group wasted no time by mobilizing its team members and the people of Malo.
Daisy Menaga, Chairlady of the Malo Hope Action Team, says a committee was formed this morning and priorities were set, an isolation venue was identified and secured and Covid-19 safety protocols were strictly adhered to and monitored.
Malo Hope Action Team is a community-based Support partner of World Vision in the community.
“We are equipped with information and equipment after a training conducted by World Vision on Covid-19 preparedness and response.
“The training is mainly on preparedness and how we can respond when we have a case or community transmission, and what we should do when we have a death case of Covid-19.
“I think what we are doing now will help in some ways to tackle the virus if it reaches us,” Ms Menaga sold SIBC News from Malo today.
She advises people at the village level throughout the country to continue to follow advice from the Ministry of Health and the safety protocols that are currently in place.
Authorities within the Temotu Provincial Government have also issued advice to people in the province to limit movement and practice Covid-19 safe practices, according to Ms Menaga.
Malo is an island community made up of small settlements located in close proximity to Lata.
The community’s partnership project with World Vision provides PPEs like masks and hand sanitizers, hand washing soaps and offered training.
by Jared Koli
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