National Council of Women calls on Ministry of Health to distribute face masks

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) calls on the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to distribute masks to the people living in Honiara immediately as one of the Measures people take to protect themselves and their families is to wear masks.


In a statement, SINCW President Ella Kauhue said it is very critical at this time for the Government through the Ministry of Health to provide free masks to people of Honiara.
“Although masks are available in the shops the prices have gone up immediately after the announcement was made on the community transmission case in Honiara early this week.
“Since wearing masks is one of the Government’s requirements for people to move around, providing free masks to people is important to stopping the virus from spreading,” Ms Kauhue said.
She stated the Ministry’ s advocacy to people to continue to wear masks after the three days lock down is critical
A statement adds, purchasing of masks in Honiara is costly and therefore a lot of people cannot afford to purchase masks to protect them and their families.
The Council also calls on the Honiara City Council to ensure that people who will be selling masks on the streets are reasonable with their prices.
“This is not the time to make money, but a time for us as a nation to stand together to ensure that we are protected and safe from the spread of this deadly virus,” Kauhue said.
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