Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

The hospital committee at Malu’u, North Malaita has said health services in the region will be severely affected if the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority, SIEA, decides to cease its operation in the area.

This statement is issued following a meeting between chiefs, community and church leaders along with government workers in the area with SIEA staff at Malu’u yesterday.

SIBC’s Malu’u stringer Lensley Kwaimani reports the hospital committee expressed, it would be disappointed with any decision for SIEA to cease its services in the area.

Mr Kwaimani reported the Head of health services at the hospital, John Muaki as saying Malu’u hospital ranks number 2 in terms of medical store, responsible for the entire Northern region.

“Head of health services at the hospital John Muaki said Malu’u hospital ranks second as a medical store. He said in terms of a medical store Malu’u hospital is similar to Kilu’ufi hospital as it is responsible for supplying drugs to the whole Northern region. He said without SIEA supplying electricity this will not be possible and avoidable deaths could happen.”

Mr Muaki said the hospital is planning to have its own surgical theatre which will be life saving and will need electricity to function.

SIBC News understands, SIEA Management will convene a meeting on the 24th this month to decide among other things, the future of the Malu’u power supply.

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