The Solomon Islands High Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands High Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

A man is standing trial in the High Court for allegedly stabbing another man with a screwdriver in February 2010 at Lungga, East Honiara.

The deceased was later found at the Panatina field.

The Crown’s case is that the accused intended to cause the death or grievous bodily harm to the deceased.

The Crown says the death of the person was a probable consequence of the accused’s unlawful act of stabbing.

According to the Crown’s opening statement, the deceased and his brother took a taxi from the China Town bus-stop and headed East to Henderson just before midnight on the 13th of February 2010.

They stopped at Lungga to buy some smoke.

A male person came up to them by the taxi and demanded money and beer, he also spoke in a dialect to the taxi-driver.

The deceased and his brother were frightened and ran off.

The accused and other men ran after them.

The accused caught up with the deceased.

He allegedly took out a screwdriver and stabbed the deceased on the chest.

Other people who were standing there carried the deceased into the boot of the taxi and took him to the National Referral hospital.

Along the way, the taxi crew noticed he was not breathing.

Frightened of being blamed for his death, the crew and the taxi driver stopped at the Panatina field where they left his body under a rain tree.

The trial continues.

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