The USP Billboard at Doma. Photo: Courtesy of USP.

The USP Billboard at Doma. Photo: Courtesy of USP.

Chief Ben Misu of Tamboko in North West Guadalcanal has called on the current Guadalcanal Provincial Executive to publicly clarify its development priorities for Doma Land.

Speaking to SIBC News, Chief Misu says this call comes after landowning groups of Doma Land have learned that Guadalcanal Provincial Executive has fail to fulfil its development priorities for the land.

“I am concerned for the USP project which has been silent, the cannery I don’t know wether it will materialise and the forestry research project as well as other development aspirations of the province earmarked for Doma. It seems we are unable to keep track on them, maybe the past executive has left with them.”

Chief Misu now calls on the Provincial Executive to return the Doma land to its rightful owners to pursue alternative development if it cannot develop the area.

“If Doma or if the Provincial Government could not do anything further for the development of that area, it might as well return it back to us, as I’ve mentioned we have other options and alternative arrangements to develop that land.”

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