Honorable Marting Sopaghe. Photo: Parliament

Honorable Marting Sopaghe. Photo: Parliament

An elderly man in North Guadalcanal has accused the constituency’s Member of Parliament of disrespectful behavior, after the MP took back solar panels that were already distributed to him.

SIBC Stringer Dudley Gani reports, Martin Sopaghe took back a number of solar panels from 80-year-old Reuben Lai, after the elderly man said he would vote for a different candidate at this year’s elections.

“Their talk turned to politics and the elections by the end of this year. Honorable Sopaghe asked Mr. Reuben who he is thinking of supporting in the elections this year, Mr Reuben answered and said to him to be honest with you, I will be supporting one of the new intending candidates because I’ve voted you for two terms. Reuben’s answer didn’t go well with Mr Sopaghe, who ordered him to return the solar panel, battery, bulbs, torch and the four hundred dollars cash.”

The solar panels were part of the constituency’s solar panel project.

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