Matanikau floods aftermath. Photo credit: SIBC.

Matanikau floods aftermath. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Council, NDC, dismisses rumours, there are dams upstream Matanikau, Lungga and Tina rivers which pauses danger to settlers downstream.

NDC Chair, Dr. Mechior Mataki makes this clarification amidst fear, these rivers have blockages upstream caused by landslide which could burst open any time.

But Mr Mataki explains, the Mataniko, Lungga and Tina rivers were not found to have any blockages during an aerial assessment yesterday.

He says these three major rivers were investigated, along with other main rivers on Guadalcanal, following reports of dams being created upstream by landslides during last week’s flooding crisis.

The Civil Aviation Authority, who conducted the assessment, reported no dams or additional unsafe inundated areas along these rivers.

A team from the Ministry of Mines and Energy will also evaluate the safety of these areas in a detailed sector assessment.

The National Emergency Operations Centre will continue to keep the public informed of any findings that may affect people’s safety.

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