Malaita Members of Parliament in the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement have described as deceitful, a front page article by Solomon Star titled “Malaita MPs in the DCGA govt plans to resign en mass amid constituency Awareness rift.”

A statement from all the Malaita Members of Parliament in the government condemned the article as fallacy and sloppy journalism.  

Solomon Islands National Parliament Building

The National government is intact with the full support of all Malaita MPs in the DCGA, the statement explained.  

The Malaita MPs said constituency tours and awareness by all Malaita Members of Parliament in the DCGA are ongoing and constituents have been very receptive.

“We strongly deny any rift within the Malaita MPs or government over constituency awareness. Tying the resignation with constituency awareness is cheap politics.”

It said the government will not bow down to the evil intentions of a few people adding, intimidation, bullying and violence have no place in our society.

The MPs emphasized, the government will not allow elements of disunity, chaos and anarchy driven by the narrow political agendas of a very few individuals to overrun it.

The media must not allow itself to be used for rampant speculation or being used to advance other people’s interest rather than that of the country, it concluded.  


Government media release

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