World Vision logo. Photo credit: Patheos.

World Vision logo. Photo credit: Patheos.

People living in Matepona communities have questioned the delay of relief supplies by responsible authorities to the areas affected by the April flash floods.

Speaking on behalf of the people, Chief Gabriel Bunia told SIBC News whilst World Vision and the Solomon Islands Red Cross have conducted assessments, they are still waiting to receive relief assistance.

He said about four hundred people are affected by the recent floods within communities in Matepona, North Guadalcanal.

However, World Vision’s Response Manager, Lawrence Hillary explains that Matepona is not their mandated area.

He says they have conducted assessments in the area only, following requests from the Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga.

“Basically Matepona area is not allocated for World Vision to conduct assessments there, however, we have been receiving ongoing requests from the honourable Premier himself for us to conduct assessments there, following that request where he said nothing has happened there I’ve sent a team to the area, especially the Premier’s community and other surrounding areas, but World Vision was not assigned to conduct assessments there.”

Mr Hillary adds, Matepona is mandated to the Solomon Islands Red Cross.

Meanwhile, Red Cross has confirmed that household kits including non food items will be delivered to the area soon.

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