A common medical health sign. Photo credit:

A common medical health sign. Photo credit:

School children in Malu’u, North Malaita have been encouraged to grow up to have a caring quality and to follow in the footsteps of a young doctor from the area, who recently passed away after a brief illness.

Dr Barnabas Maesubua Jnr, passed away on Saturday in Honiara at the young age of thirty years old.

Speaking at his funeral service at Malu’u on Monday this week, Dr Micky Olangi told children in Malu’u to have a caring quality and to follow the example of Dr Maesubua in their school life.

SIBC’s stringer in Malu’u, North Malaita, Lensley Kwaimani reports Dr Olangi made the statement in tribute to the late Dr Maesubua.

“Dr Olangi said though Dr Barnabas has left us, he has set a good example of becoming a prominent figure in his field, despite living a short life with a very good example to be followed by school children. Surgeon Olangi further points out that though Dr Barnabas has left an irreplaceable legacy, he has set a standard that should be achieved by school children.”

Lensley also reports, the Medical Superintendent Dr Rooney Jagili has described the young doctor’s passing as a great loss to his colleagues and to the nation.

“In a condolence message from the Medical Superintendent Dr Runi Jagili, red in the funeral service said the passing away of Dr Barnabas Maesubua Junior is a great loss for his family, colleagues and the nation.”

SIBC News understands Dr Barnabas Maesubua Jnr is survived by his wife, Galina Maesubua and their young son.

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