Meet Mr. Robinson Minevaleke, Solomon Islands PhD candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Jiangsu University, China

Meet Mr. Robinson Minevaleke, Solomon Islands PhD candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Jiangsu University, China


By Caleb Dalavera in China

Mr. Robinson is the President of the Solomon Islands students in China. His study program is  PhD. Management Science and Engineering at Jiangsu University, a Four-year study program. 

In his own words, Robinson summarizes his choice of study program and what set of special skills the country can benefit from his studies. 

My journey towards pursuing a Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering with a focus on Public Health at Jiangsu University, China, is a blend of my educational background and professional experiences. With a Master of Public Health-Health Management and Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees under my belt, I’ve got a solid foundation in both public health principles and pharmaceutical sciences. 

My time as a hospital pharmacist at NRH and managing pharmacists in the private sector provided me with firsthand insights into healthcare operations and management practices, which set the stage for my academic pursuits. Working with a reputable international organization under special service agreement to support the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) during the Covid-19 pandemic shaped my career path. It allowed me to contribute to various critical public health initiatives. Choosing Jiangsu University for my doctoral studies opens up unparalleled opportunities. 

China’s reputation in academic research and its growing influence in global health affairs make it the perfect environment for my academic growth. Jiangsu University’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. program perfectly aligns with my background, offering a unique blend of expertise to address complex health challenges.

Robinson representing young Solomon Islanders introduces Solomon Islands in one of the sessions at China-Pacific Islands Countries Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers Meeting 2023, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Studying in China presents a great opportunity for me, not only to pursue my academic and professional ambitions but also to explore a multitude of other opportunities. Beyond my academic goals, I’m motivated by China’s remarkable socio-economic advancement and its admirable leadership in various domains. 

As a country that shares similarities with Solomon Islands, in terms of historical struggles, China’s journey offers valuable lessons for scholars from small Island states. China’s prominence in global health affairs, coupled with its rapid economic development, provides an ideal environment for me to explore the intersection of public health and management, gaining invaluable insights into innovative strategies and policies shaping the future of healthcare. 

Additionally, my interests in cultural exploration and personal growth are perfectly complemented by China’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions. Immersing myself in the Chinese language and culture not only enhances my academic experience but also fosters cross-cultural understanding and communication skills essential for global collaborations. Furthermore, there are opportunities to explore various facets of Chinese society, not only from my field of expertise but from rural development to advancements in agriculture technology, tourism, business exposure and so on. These further enrich my academic journey and prepare me to make meaningful contributions in our global community.

Robinson with other Solomon Islands students, representing S.I youths at Pacific Islands Countries’ Folk Customs Exhibition and Young Talents Exchange Activity opening ceremony in Shandong province, China 2023

Solomon Islands can anticipate a versatile skill set from me. With a robust educational background coupled with extensive professional experience, I can bring a unique blend of technical proficiency, strategic insight and cross-cultural competency to the table. 

My interdisciplinary expertise enables me to approach complex health challenges holistically, developing comprehensive solutions that integrate scientific knowledge with management strategies. I believe my exposure to China’s dynamic healthcare landscape and rich cultural heritage enhances my global perspective and adaptability, positioning me to contribute effectively to Solomon Islands’ public health sector by fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change.

Robinson traveled to Xuzhou City with Chinese friends during summer vacation

I am studying under the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Their scholarships are available to Solomon Islanders, providing an excellent opportunity to pursue higher education in China. In addition to the CSC scholarships, there are various other scholarship programs offered by Chinese local governments, universities and other organizations aimed at international students interested in studying in China. These scholarships cover a wide range of academic disciplines and provide financial support for tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, making studying in China more accessible and attractive to students from around the world, including those from the Solomon Islands.

Robinson with his prize as a mentor for Solomon Islands and Kiribati teams in an international student’s health marketing competition, in Jiangsu University. Both of his teams were placed in the top 4 amongst 20 plus participating teams

To students back home in the Solomon Islands who are still considering studying in China, let me share with you the incredible opportunities that await you. China’s universities and education system offer some of the best academic and research environments globally, coupled with a friendly atmosphere that welcomes students from all corners of the world. Campus life in China is truly amazing, with large communities of international students, reliable scholarships and endless opportunities to pursue your dreams.

China’s education system emphasizes not only academic excellence but also provides ample opportunities for extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience. From STEM fields to various technical disciplines, the opportunities for learning and growth are abundant. While learning the Chinese language may present a challenge initially, mastering it opens doors to a multitude of opportunities, both professionally and personally.

Group picture (teachers and fellow participants of ZHIXING ZHONGUO FELLOWSHIP, 2022. Learning from China’s poverty alleviation experience) with Mr. Zhao Yafu (center-front row), a famous role model for rural development in Daizhuang village, a rural village in Jiangsu province, China

Moreover, China’s vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and advanced technology offer rich and diverse experiences to explore. Whether it’s experiencing the convenience of cashless society, traveling on high-speed trains, or immersing yourself in ancient traditions, every day brings new discoveries. In China, you’ll find a modern, diverse society deeply rooted in rich cultural traditions, providing a dynamic and enriching environment for both academic and personal growth. So, seize the opportunity, embark on this exciting journey and discover all that studying in China has to offer—it’s an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Robinson wore traditional Chinese costume with other international students as part of cultural exchange experience for international students

For Solomon Islanders considering studying in China, I want to offer some insights based on my own experiences. Despite having traveled to over 10 countries either for study or travel, I can confidently say that my time in China has been exceptionally enriching. While there are hurdles like language barriers, overcoming them opens doors to incredible opportunities and experiences. I’m still grappling with the complexities of the Chinese language, but I’m determined not to let it hinder my dreams or the richness of my experience. With perseverance and an open mindset, you can fully immerse yourself in China’s vibrant culture and educational opportunities.

Robinson, leader of Solomon Islands student Association in China (SISAC), at an event to formally establish the relationship between SISAC and Liaocheng University in Shandong Province, China

Chinese universities provide world class academic and research environments, along with lively campus life and a diverse community of international students. There are available scholarships that are reliable, covering tuition fees and living expenses. Additionally, China’s advanced technology, efficient transportation and delicious cuisine enhance the appeal of studying here. It’s crucial to approach your time in China with an open mind and an international perspective. Building connections with locals, embracing the culture and embracing new experiences will enrich your academic journey and contribute to personal growth. 

Robinson with other international students visited a rice farm in Jiangsu Province, China. Such activities provided international students with opportunities to experience China agriculture and rural developments in which they visited various farms, eco-friendly parks and institutions including energy generating plants (solar panels), health facilities, innovative factories and local communities

As you plan your study abroad adventure in China, embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will shape your future in profound ways. I always remind myself and fellow students in China to be great ambassadors for our happy Isles, embrace opportunities, work hard, stay committed and always cherish their China experiences or moments.

I would like to express my gratitude to both the Governments of Solomon Island and People’s Republic of China for making this opportunity possible for me and my fellow Solomon Islands students. Being a student leader for all Solomon Islands students across China, I can attest that scholarships under the arrangement of both governments offer excellent support. I also extend my thanks to the Solomon Islands embassy in China, the PRC embassy in Honiara, the Solomon Islands Business Association in Honiara and Chinese friends in China and Honiara, for their support to us, the Solomon Islands students in China.


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