PM Manele reaffirms Solomon Islands respect to the One China Policy

PM Manele reaffirms Solomon Islands respect to the One China Policy


Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele has reaffirmed Solomon Islands respect to the ‘One China Policy’ during a courtesy call by the visiting Chinese Government’s special envoy for Pacific Island countries, H.E. Qian Bo in Honiara today.

H.E. Qian Bo is the first high level official from the Chinese Government to meet Prime Minister Manele following his recent election as Prime Minister.

Manele further reaffirmed Solomon Islands commitment to the comprehensive and strategic relations between Solomon Islands and China at the political, regional and international levels.

Manele said Bo’s visit is a gesture that defines the special relationship between the two countries.

“Solomon Islands stand by its commitment to the one China principle and respect the UN Resolution 2758. We are mindful of attempts to distort respect of resolution 2758 but rest assured to Solomon Islands cleared-eyed respect for that,” Manele said.

Manele conveyed Solomon Islands appreciation to the Government of the Peoples Republic of China for its commitment to transform Solomon Islands in many different areas since the establishment diplomatic relations in 2019.

Since the establishment of relations, China has supported the development of Solomon Islands in the areas of infrastructure, policing, health, education, energy, agriculture and people to people relations.

“Solomon Islands remains grateful for the quality infrastructure China continuous to provide and acknowledge with deep appreciation the speed, depth and scale of Solomon Islands relations and we are recommitted to this special and strategic relations friendly policy to change and will continue to enhance Solomon Islands special relations,” Manele said.

Manele further assured the Chinese envoy that Solomon Islands recognize China’s global standing at all levels, the many friends China has and its core interest.

The Prime Minister also conveyed the Government’s deep appreciation to the Chinese Government for supporting the Solomon Islands Embassy in Beijing with a 50 percent rent reduction to the office, which, reflects the ordinary attention provided to Solomon Islands by China.

The two leaders also discussed strengthening of the implementation of existing development cooperation programs between the two countries for a shared future.



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