A protest notice put up by the teachers. Photo credit: SIBC.

A protest notice put up by the teachers. Photo credit: SIBC.

A secondary school teacher of Tawatana Community High School in West Makira is calling on the Ministry of Education and Human Resources to shift the responsibility of administering teachers travelling allowances to the provincial Education Authorities.

School Teacher Peter Tahi raised the concern after realising this year’s travelling allowance was paid to the teachers bank accounts.

He says the problem is, the travelling allowance is reduced drastically compared to when their Education Authority handled the payment.

“The payment that we receive this year is not enough especially for those of us living further, which is not the case when the funds are  administered by our Education Authorities (EA) and it covers our return sea travelling. Now under the Ministry of Education’s administration we were only provided with $1,000.00, covering only one way.”

Mr. Tahi therefore, calls on the Government to release the teachers holiday travelling allowance back to the Education Authorities.

He adds teachers face various challenges after the Ministry of Education took over the responsibility.

“The ministry’s administration of these funds are very poor so I call on the government to release the funds to the Education Authorities to be administered next year because if it continues to be administered by the Ministry it would affect the whole academic year next year.”

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