Men hospitalised after serious road accident


Two men were taken to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara yesterday evening after a dump truck they were travelling in veered off-road in west Honiara. 

Moments after the accident. Photo: Stephanie Ting/Facebook

The men sustained injuries during the accident that occurred at the intersection of the road leading up to Ngossi, and connecting Bishop Epalle Catholic School and Tavio ridge.

An eyewitness told SIBC News the dump truck that the two men were traveling in was loaded with gravel.

They were traveling down the Ngossi road and decided to turn down the road leading to Rove when the vehicle lost control due to the heavy load of gravel. 

As a result, the dump truck veered down the stiff drain and rested at the bottom of the hill.  

Police confirmed that the men are being treated at the hospital. Police say the condition of the driver and the passenger is stable.

Police say an investigation is currently underway to establish the cause of the accident.

SIBC understands a man has died after an accident in the same road junction in 2016. 

by Jared Koli

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