Mentally ill person apprehended for rock-throwing


A mentally ill person was among the 20 people who were apprehended during the lockdown last night.

                                                 Lockdown in Honiara

Assistant Commissioner Corporate Support, Ian Bara told SIBC News in an interview today.

Mr Bara said the person threw a stone at a Police Vehicle in front of the Rove Bulk Shop area.

“There were three arrests being made in relation to rock-throwing incidents.

“One at the Varamata area, the other was at the Stone field while the third arrest involved a mentally ill person who threw a stone at a Police vehicle in front of the Rove Bulk Shop Area,” AC Corporate Support Ian Bara said.

In a media conference recently, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) along with relevant authorities are working on ways to protect and support mentally ill patients who often roam Honiara street during the lockdown.

However, as the clock struck 6 pm yesterday, the street was completely deserted, but there are quite a few of them that can be seen on the street.

According to AC Bara, the person was handed over immediately to Health Authorities to keep him off the street.

“We have had a consultation with the Ministry of Health to prevent these people from roaming around during this lockdown.

“Now that one of them had been involved in a rock-throwing incident during the lockdown, we had him arrested and handed him over to Health Authorities to keep him off the street.

We’re looking out for these people and making sure that we assist them and put them in the right place,” Assistant Commissioner Corporate Support,” Ian Bara said.

Five vehicles encountered rock-throwing during last night’s lockdown operation.

Two Police vehicles, two Medic vehicles, and one belonging to the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society.







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