‘Mi no save’: Solomon Islanders confused on CDF fund


Most Solomon Islanders are confused about the CDF fund.

A recent Transparency Solomon Islands report has found the majority of constituents around the country have very limited knowledge on the Constituency Development Fund.

It was revealed on a recent CDF community audit report presented by TSI. The report found that out of 1000 people interviewed in 39 constituencies, only 14 said they were aware and had basic knowledge on the CDF fund.

It also showed that a majority of constituents have very limited access to reliable information on the fund, and that most were also not aware of their constituency’s CDF officers or where their offices were located.

The fund, which is part-funded by the Taiwanese Government, and handed out to MPs to deliver projects in their respective areas. However the fund is dogged in controversy with accusations of impropriety and corruption – particularly around election time – surrounding its distribution.

Each MP receives almost $SBD7 million annually from the CDF.

The report also revealed that most information received was not through proper formal channels and mostly came by word of mouth.

Malaita had the highest number of people who were well versed with the CDF fund compared to the other provinces.

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