Rape suspect recaptured


A rape suspect was apprehended and recaptured by Kirakira Police today at Kaona Sugu village after he escaped Police custody last Friday.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Solomon islands Correctional Service, Mr John Aheua confirmed the remandee was arrested earlier today at 12 noon, after a joint operation by the Police and correctional service officers.

Mr Aheua said the remandee escaped through a fence and managed to escape by cutting the wires on an external fence.

He said the correctional service will be conducting internal investigation with the Police regarding the matter , and will formalize a report to the Police for further investigations.

“We have provisions for individuals who escape from custody, and we will also carry  out an investigation alongside the Police regarding the matter,” he said.

“We are so thankful for the people from Bakea and Kaona Sugu in assisting the Police today, and we strongly urge communities to continue to assist us.”

SIBC understands  the remandee is now in custody awaiting further police investigations.

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