A claimant in the major Court battle between Axiom KB of Australia against Japanese mining firm Sumitomo Limited has testified that only the Court can settle the dispute on his land.

Claimant, Henry Raoga mentioned this to Axiom lawyer Richard Lilley this morning.

Mr Lilley had questioned Raoga if his lawyer had at any time advised him to settle the land he is disputing in an out of Court settlement with the parties involved.

Mr Raoga answered the Court is the right place.

Lilley asked, if someone has ever told Raoga, the dispute is difficult to solve outside of Court.

He said no one had told him that.

Mr Lilley again questioned why he has not suggested the matter be settled out of Court between the parties.

Mr Raoga answered he does not agree – the matter be settled out of Court.

Raoga maintained he has records to prove the land in question belongs to him.

He argued, he has the evidence from a sworn statement he made in 1999.

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