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Minister Bradley Tovosia officially switch the transmitter on air

The Minister responsible for Disaster Management, Bradley Tovosia has praised the Japanese Government for its gift of a new radio broadcasting transmission facility, saying the infrastructure is crucial to minimize risks during disasters.

The more than 40-million dollars facility is donated under the project – “Improvement of Radio Broadcasting Network for Disaster Prevention” – and is to improve early warning systems during times of disasters in Solomon Islands.

It was officially delivered in a brief ceremony at the SIBC Transmission Station at the Henderson International Airport yesterday.

Speaking during the ceremony, Minister Tovosia said Solomon Islands is prone to natural disasters and the information communication infrastructure is crucial to minimize risks disasters.

He also said transmitting early warnings through radio is a component in the Government’s National Disaster Risk Management Plan.

“Transmission of early warnings to the public via the radio, the communication modality with the greatest coverage in Solomon Islands is a component of the disaster preparedness under our National Disaster Risk Management plan. Therefore, the handing over of the new transmitter of the disaster risk management is a step in the right direction as it enables us to communicate to people in remote areas prior to and during a disaster. The project will improve the radio broadcasting network enabling nationwide coverage in the Solomon Islands.

The Government Minister also called on members of the public to respect the facility, especially, the radio equipment – saying “it is a gift from a friend who sees the need of Solomon Islanders”.

The radio broadcasting transmission facility provides a 24 hours shortwave radio broadcasting and communication; and increases radio broadcasting coverage to nearly one hundred percent of the country’s.

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