Icons in Medicine. Photo: Icons in medicine

Icons in Medicine. Photo: Icons in medicine

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has thanked Honiara residents for participating in the food security and market survey.

Agriculture Extension Services Director, Michael Ho’ota said the survey is part of the ministry’s role to combat nutrition related illnesses or non-communicable diseases, NCD, in the country.

Agrikalsa Nius reports the survey collected data from households, shops and market vendors in the capital as measuring indicators for vulnerability to food insecurity in Honiara.

The first part of the survey focused on household food security while the second part looked at food available at markets and shops.

With food security, data collection focuses on all foods acquired by the households on a weekly, monthly basis, foods consumed from own production, food purchased and food received as gifts.

Data was also collected on a variety of other proxy indicators of household food security such as education, food preferences, health and as well as food waste.

The market survey, data collection focused on amount of food imported into the country, amount of staples available in shops/markets and as well as price of common food

The sample size for the food security survey was 200 households.

Ho’ota said the survey findings will be crucial for the project partners in addressing the NCD’s.

He said the MAL and Ministry of Health were looking at addressing NCD’s through education and training targeted groups on the importance of balanced nutrition, how to do backyard sup sup gardening, promotion of organic farming methods and how to cook the same vegetables in various ways to name a few.

The survey was funded by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Solomon Islands Government was jointly carried out by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and MAL.

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