Solomon Islands Attends First FAO Inaugural Hand in Hand in Rome


Solomon Islands participated in the World Food Forum held at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy, from 17 to 21 October 2022. This year the World Food Forum included two new events, the Hand-in-Hand Initiative’s first-ever Investment Forum, and the Science and Innovation Forum.

Michael Hoóta Deputy Secretary Technical, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock represented Solomon Islands and was accompanied by Ms Xiangjun Yao, FAO Subregional Coordinator for the Pacific Islands, Mr. Raushan Kumar FAO Forestry Officer SAP/ Lead technical Officer for Pacific Projects and Douglas Yee, Integrated Forest Management Project Coordinator in FAO office Solomon Islands.

Michael Hoóta,Deputy Secretary Technical MAL, Presenting Solomon Islands Case

The main aim of the Investment Forum is the partnership-building between all the actors involved in the development of a country. It provided a platform for national authorities, global and national corporations, multilateral development banks and donors to hold an open discussion about the strengths and opportunities that selected Hand-in-Hand countries offer in specific rural areas. The Forum was driven by insights and contributions of prominent participants to bring forward the perspective of the food value chain industry with the aim of increasing asset allocation to long-term sustainable investments across and beyond national markets. It emphasized specific sectors and opportunities with the greatest development impact and return, the policy reforms and the instruments required in order to mobilize greater private investment flow.

Solomon Islands Delegate and FAO support Team to the Hand in Hand Initiative Forum. L- R, Douglas Yee (FAO SOL), Michael Hoóta (DST MAL), Ms Xiangjun Yao, (FAO Subregional Coordinator for the Pacific Islands) and Mr. Raushan Kumar (FAO Forestry Officer SAP/Lead technical Officer for Pacific Projects )

National and international private investment in agriculture is critical and necessary to sustain and speed up national economic growth, ensure employment, incorporate technology, reduce poverty, increase food security and sustainable development, while improving macroeconomic stability and fiscal space.

Deputy Secretary MAL Mr. Michael Hoóta represented Solomon Islands and had spoken of priority projects such as on the Poultry and Coconut industries during the Hand-in-Hand Investment Forum, and which he also highlighted the Solomon Islands Agriculture Sector Growth Strategy and Investment Plan (ASGIP). Following that, the Solomon Islands delegation was able to hold bilateral meetings with development partners which included; Australia and New Zealand, PRC, IFAD and FAO South-South and Triangular Cooperation (PST), the SIDS Unit in FAO, as well as the World Bank.

 In the country, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Lottie Vaisekavea spoke of a new day of calibration for stronger partnerships as the energy to secure the arriving future of the agriculture sector. He thanked FAO for their support.


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