Ministry of Commerce to investigate all foreign-owned businesses

An Asian shop owner in Honiara

The National government through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration is taking immediate steps to issue a notice to all foreign-owned businesses in the country.

The Ministry is launching an investigation against the foreign investors following reports they are not complying with the country’s investment laws.

Some of the investors are operating small retail businesses at various locations outside of Central Honiara, a contrast to what they had stipulated in their business licenses as key requirements.

Director of Foreign Investment Division within the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labor and Immigration-Derek Aihari confirmed this to SIBC News.

“We will put out a notice to let them know that we will be coming around, hopefully this month.

“It is not only for the Bangladesh it’s for all the foreign investors including the Chinese. We will do that this week or next week.”

According to Mr Aihari the first Bangladesh nationals arrived in the country in 2014 and they have been operating small retail businesses.


By Fred Osifelo

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