Alcoholic Anonymous takes on challenge to combat alcohol abuse


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A new body called the Alcoholic Anonymous Program has taken the challenge to combat alcohol abuse in the country.

Public Information Coordinator Philomina Letakoro says the program with bases in Honiara, Auki and Malu’u in Malaita Province aims to extend its services to all provinces across the country.

Ms Letakoro explained, program’s aspiration is to see alcohol addicts released from this bondage.

She said, there are twelve steps through the program for people seeking this deliverance.

“If you’re an alcoholic there is help. The help is someone will take you through the program. But first it’s like a group.

“A group first and then someone will take you thorough the program, the first twelve steps of recovery.

“And then from there you’ll be able to mentor another person using the same one-on-one within a group within self. When that is established then you move on to another step.”

Ms Letakoro who was once a victim of what she describes as ‘alcoholic disease’ shares her life changing story.

“And then bringing it back to home as well. I didn’t know that i was suffering from this disease of alcoholism, I didn’t know that until i went through this whole things and the address it.

“Like in the literature itself it talks about the health side of it, it talks bout the mental side of it, it talks about the emotional side of it, and it then it talks about the spiritual side of it.

“And so the four facets of my life is like a table with four legs. If one is a little shaky or default it will affect the whole table.”


By: Allen Waitara

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