Masked man enters Fauabu clinic and threatens patients


Pacific Casino Hotel staff cleaning in front of the Kukum Clinic


A masked man armed with a bush knife has entered the Fauabu Clinic in Malaita Province and threatened patients admitted at the clinic.

The assailant entered the facility, indecently assaulted two female patients and stole a mobile phone from a patient’s bag.

The incident which happened two weeks ago was not reported to the Police in Auki until this morning.

SIBC stringer for Malu’u, Lensley Kwaimani reported the incident after he was informed by a health worker at the clinic.

Mr Kwaimani said the man armed himself with a knife wrapped in a piece of cloth.

“He went into one of the clinic’s wards, opened a basket belonging to one of the patients and stole a mobile phone. After that he walked further into the ward towards a bed used by two female patients admitted at the clinic and disrespectfully touched their bodies.

“I asked the health worker whether doors to the clinic wards have locks and he told me he had requested for locks to be installed, a request that only fell on deaf ears.”

The health worker calls on the surrounding communities to respect sick patients admitted at the clinic.

He told Mr Kwaimani, Fauabu Clinic authorities would be in trouble if the person intends to kill someone.

He called on the responsible authorities to respond immediately to issues when they arise.


By: Rickson Bau

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