Chances for the current monsoon trough to become a cyclone is still low, says the Meteorological Director, David Hiriasia.

Honiara and other parts of the country is experiencing bad weather due to the trough.

Mr Hiriasia told SIBC News today, his office is monitoring the system with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, at the Brisbane Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre.

He says chances for the moonson trough to develop into a cyclone is still very low at this point, but it will only be made clear later in the week.

He says a cyclone will depend on which direction the system takes.

“So as I’ve said the chances are very low at the moment but as we move into the week it will become clear on how this system is developing and which direction it will take”.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands is expecting a low pressure system to develop into a trough later this week.

Director of the Meteorological Services David Hiriasia explains the monsoon tough is quite active, and the country can expect a low pressure system to develop within the trough, later this week.

“It’s quite active at the moment and we are expecting a low pressure system to develop within this trough later this week, in fact it is starting to develop now but it should intensify a little later this week and towards the weekend”.

The Met Director adds weather in the country this week is mostly influenced by the trough and the developing low pressure.

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