The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit:

Solomon Islands security, through the Honiara International seaport, is now at its lowest.

This is from an assessment by a former Solomon Islands Ports Authority Chief Security Officer, Patterson Ashley Hangaio.

The former SIPA security boss says states affiliated under the United Nations are expected to operate their sea port in line with the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, standard.

He says, even ports security officers are expected to be trained to meet the International Standard Ports Security, ISPS.

But Mr. Hangaio says it is very worrying to see the country’s Port facility security at its weakest point where even security officers have no idea of their roles under the IMO.

He says terrorism and criminal laws should form part of SIPA security officers training. This is paramount to safeguard the Honiara International sea port from illegal imports and terrorism activities.

“You have to go through IMO training before you can be qualified for the post. It’s unsafe for the Honiara port and I don’t know why Mr. Yow has recruited the officers. He should consider the Terrorist Act and Criminal Act before picking these security officers. My fear now is that the security at the Honiara seaport is very low at the moment.”

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