Malaita Ma'asina Forum President, Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

Malaita Ma’asina Forum President, Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) says its call to the new Police Commissioner to clear his name before taking up his new post is based on hard evidence and supporting documents and are not hear-say information.

President, Charles Dausabea made the statement yesterday, in response to the Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga who said there is no standing case in Australia’s Federal Court involving Mr Prendergast in relation to the Christmas Island riot.

But Mr Dausabea says, according to records obtained by the Malaita Ma’asina Forum, Frank Prendergast is entangled in the issue.

“We want him to clear it amongst other things in the documents we have obtained, one is his recorded voice about manufacturing the riot on Christmas island. Now this is very serious and what I’d like to tell the Deputy Prime Minister is that he should not allow himself to be used because we got documents and a Website on which all the evidence were posted and if the Prime Minister’s intelligence network doesn’t work then he should come and ask us for the information so that we can provide him with it.”

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