More Honiara health clinics set to open late

Pacific Casino Hotel staff cleaning in front of the Kukum Clinic

The Honiara City Council is planning to introduce late-night service at additional clinics in the city.

The city council launched extended hours at the Kukum clinic last month, and according to officials, operations are running smoothly.

The clinic now opens from 8am to 10:30pm.

“We still have enough manpower in terms of the nurses and doctors who are stationed at the clinic until 10,” said Honiara City Council Director of Nursing Harvest Miapule. “We are just observing for this month to see if we can expand to west Honiara.”

Mr Miapule said the Rove clinic will be the next to open late, likely starting next month.

He said he is optimistic that other city clinics will eventually offer extended hours as well.

The city council passed a resolution last October allowing the Kukum, Mataniko and Rove clinics to open late, but Mr Miapule said logistical issues delayed the implementation.

By Fred Osifelo

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