More women needed in Police force: Varley


Police Commisioner Matthew Varley

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Commissioner Matthew Varley has emphasised the need for more females in the country’s police force.

Speaking during the police media conference earlier this week, Mr Varley said there was a huge drop in the number of females applying for recruitment.

Mr Varley said they had not met their 50-50 target for both male and female in this year’s second recruitment exercise.

He said the current recruitment consisted of fifty five males and only fifteen females.

Mr Varley added, this was because there were more men applying to join the force than women.

“That is something that the police force is very disappointed about, “he said.

“I encourage more women to apply in the next recruitment campaign, we would like to see more women apply to join the police force and serve their communities.”

He said he had already instructed the Police Human Resources department to commence the new recruitment campaign for next year starting next week.



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