More workers to join Australia’s seasonal workers scheme


Seasonal workers at the Honiara International Airport. Photo credit: GCU.

The Australian Government expects to see more workers from Solomon Islands join the country’s seasonal workers scheme.

Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Roderick Brazier, told regional journalists in Honiara there is no cap on the labor mobility program.

Mr Brazier said Solomon Islands had increased training to make workers more suitable for the Australian labor market.

“All of these really important qualifications that are very suitable for the Australian market. I don’t think there is any reason why Solomon Islands’ participation can’t grow.”

Meanwhile a senior official from the New Zealand Immigration department, Matt Hoskins said the country will review its seasonal workers schemes to expand ties with the Pacific.

He said this is part of a new approach to the region called Pacific Reset.

“Next year, there’s a review of all our Pacific policies, immigration settings and that’s part of the government’s focus on Pacific reset which is about a deeper level of engagement and ambition for New Zealand and the Pacific working together, and also with our Australian cousins.”

The 2018 Pacific Labor Mobility Annual Meeting ended last Thursday in Honiara.

The statement of outcomes is yet to be released after Australia objected to a section which raised concerns about calls for a new farming visa in the country.

By: Fred Osifelo

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