“Rebuild Borderline police post”


Mambo Fangaria

Be Happy Ministry’s director Mambo Fangaria said there is an increase of anti-social behavior at the Borderline Community.

Mr Fangaria said, alleged stealing and disturbances in the community are the most common issues.

Fangaria claimed Kwaso seems to be the main cause.

He questioned why police have not taken bold actions despite the borderline community requesting them to do so.

“I strongly believe there’s something we have to do with these kind of behavior. The two biggest issues are stealing and kwaso at Borderline, when people are drunk with kwaso they go and steal. The Borderline community is serious about this and they wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police in August 13th and gave it to the police. I don’t know why police didn’t take any action.”

He suggested for the police to conduct a Kwaso raid in the borderline area similar to what it had done in other Honiara communities.

Mr Fangaria also urged the Government to rebuild the Borderline Police station.

“Before there was a police post at Borderline. I’m surprised they burnt it down and have not rebuilt it. I want the Minister of Police and Justice to include in his budget funds to rebuild the police post at Borderline. It will help our community.

“It is my Ministry to be happy and when people are not happy i have to speak out.”

By: Allen Waitara


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