Participants at the training. Photo credit: YWCASI.

Participants at the training. Photo credit: YWCASI.

More than hundred young women from communities in Honiara, Malaita and the Western Provinces have acquired leadership knowledge and skills after attending the Young Women’s Leadership Programme, YWCA, “Rise Up”, conducted by the organisation since February this year.

A YWCA statement said the programme offered training, centered on the areas of human rights, including women’s rights, gender, leadership, public speaking and creating social change.

Funded by the World YWCA, ‘Power to Change’ fund and the Pacific Leadership Program, PLP, the Rise Up! Young Women’s Leadership programme has benefited the young women according to their feedback to the YWCA Peer Education team that conducted the training.

The statement said the young women shared that not only had they acquired new knowledge and skills but have also learnt other useful information that will help them to become good responsible leaders.

These includes knowing their rights and being able to exercise them when interacting with their families and communities.

Meanwhile, a participant from Mbononavera 4, Susan Mae expressed that the training had broadened her knowledge on leadership.

She added that most young girls are denied participating in leadership roles in their homes and families or within their communities, adding it is interesting and valuable to learn about different leadership types and the skills required by a good leader.

Ms Mae stressed that after the training her self-esteem rose as she realised her leadership potential.

YWCASI Program Officer Angela Lomasia said the need for more young girls and women to be educated on such important topics as leadership and human rights is vital.

Ms Lomasia added that the YWCA Programme team will continue to reach out through further trainings for other young women and girls in the country to fulfil the organisation’s vision of creating space for young Solomon Islands women to influence change.

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