PM Lilo handing the letter of commitment to Dr Paunga. Photo credit: PMO.

PM Lilo handing the letter of commitment to Dr Paunga. Photo credit: PMO.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has delivered a letter of commitment to the University of the South Pacific, USP, in an effort to ensure the fourth USP Doma Campus project gets underway- committing the government to fund half of the cost to clear unexploded ordinances, UXO’s from the site.

A government statement says Prime Minister Lilo delivered the letter of his Government’s commitment to Doctor Giulio Masasso Paunga, Vice President – Regional Campuses and Properties and Facilities, at the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet last week.

Mr Lilo says the commitment is a demonstration of his Government’s desire to see the Doma Campus project starts as soon as possible.

It is understood the project is delayed because of the lack of clearance of UXO’s from the site.

The unexploded ordinances were used by Japanese and Allied Forces during the Second World War on Guadalcanal.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister says he is confident that with the commitment, USP in partnership with the Government will now mobilise the appropriate processes to facilitate the contracting of UXO experts to undertake the clearance as required.

Doctor Paunga had commended the Prime Minister for his government’s commitment, adding that USP will work together with SIG and other stakeholders to ensure that the project gets underway.

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