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The Provincial Member for ward seven in Malaita Province Lesley Kwaiga has moved a motion of no confidence on the Finance Minister of the Malaita Provincial Government following the current financial situation in the provincial government.

Speaking on the Distaem Nao Program this morning, MPA Kwaiga says this is after the provincial finance minister failed to pay ward grants to several provincial members to develop their wards.

“The questions we raised were why did the provincial government failed to pay in the ward grants but there’s no proper answer fortcoming so I though that instead of following up an outstanding amount for my people in ward seven, we’ll treat being in debt as improper, so formalities are there and on that basis I decided to move the motion of no confidence against the Finance Minister because he is responsible for the province’s finance.”

He adds, it is important for Malaitans to see that the finances of the Provincial Government are well managed.

“I think it’s also important for us Malaitans to see that our finances are not properly managed and that’s why things which are primary responsibilities of the province or even members of the Malaita Provincial Assemby are not done properly and this is the core issue within our province at this time.”

Meanwhile Provincial Member for ward one Malcolm Molie also moved a motion of no-confidence notice on the Premier of Malaita Province.

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