The Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Silas Tausinga. Photo credit: Douglas Marau.

The Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Silas Tausinga. Photo credit: Douglas Marau.

A memorandum of understanding was recently signed by the Ministry of Development Planing, Ministry of Provincial Government and the United Nation Development Program for the phase two continuations of the Provincial Government Strengthening Program, PGSP.

The MoU is a follow-up on the NCRA Government’s endorsement of the program document in cabinet in June this year.

In his keynote address to commemorate the Guadalcanal Province 30th Anniversary last Friday, Minister responsible, Silas Tausinga said the program will continue to address public financial discipline and capacity building through the Provincial Capacity Development Fund, PCDF, under the Provincial Government.

“The phase two of the program will continue to try and address the public financial discipline, compliance to financial rules and procedures of social accountability, capacity building and providing incentive through small capital infrastructural projects through the provincial PCDF within provincial governments”.

He adds, it is also a challenge for the Ministry’s administration to ensure strict financial management mechanisms are maintained for service delivery to people in the rural areas.

Meanwhile, Minister Tausinga said continues work on ordinance and legislative reforms and infrastructural programs through the PCDF from previous years, terms and condition of MPA’s will pull resources together for the benefit of Guadalcanal people and the country.

“The other host of programs and activities I believe we can pool our resources together and help sort them out for the benefits of the province and its people. This includes continual work on your ordinance and legislative reforms, continuation of infrastructural programs through PCDF from previous years, terms and conditions for MPA’s, Speakers, Clerks and other direct employees, institutional planning, finance and a whole range of other issues”.

Mr Tausinga added, his Ministry will continue to provide the necessary support to ensure people receive benefits from all resources, including political stability in provincial governments.

He said sharing resources boosted by greater cooperation and stakeholder’s participation ensures more development in the country.

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