Casper Fa'asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Casper Fa’asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Government Authorities have been urged to partner with key disability special service providers to combat cases of murder caused by mentally ill persons in the country.

People with mental illness who are violent are causing fear in communities – a case in point is the murder incident in a village in Russell Islands over the weekend.

President of the People with Disability in Solomon Islands Casper Fa’asala told SIBC News, mental illness is a serious matter.

“mental illness has become a serious matter in the country now because as the country develops, mental illness can be caused by a lot of stress as people are not meeting their aims, they are being frustrated because things are not happening the way they want and meeting their needs and as well as the consumption of alcohol.”

The People with Disability President also wants Disability Special Service Providers to form a team that will work with communities to address issues relating to mental illness in the country.

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