Murder suspect arrested after 11 years

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

A murder suspect who evaded Police arrest for eleven years was finally apprehended and charged for the offence.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley attributed the man’s successful arrest to a joint investigation by Malu’u Police investigators and those from the Honiara City team.

Mr Varley told local reporters at this week’s media conference, the suspect was arrested at Abira settlement in Panatina, East Honiara on October 9th.

He said the man has been evading police arrest since 2007.

“Now the interesting thing about this case is the man has been on the run from Police for eleven years and was arrested and charged for one count of murder and also a count of arson in relation to an incident that took place on the 2nd of October 2007.

“It occurred at Isifai village in North-East Malaita back in 2007 and it’s alleged that the suspect set fire to a house and as a result of that a woman was caught in the fire and late died and tragically lost her life after medical treatment at the NRH”.

The Police Commissioner said while there are other co-accused allegedly still at large, this arrest should be a clear message that law is catching up on them.

“And obviously it’s a longstanding case and there are still others who were co-accused in this case that are allegedly to be still on the run and our investigations are ongoing there.

“But it’s a very good example of where our detectives have continued to carry out searches and case files that date back so long ago and I guess it’s a message and an emphasis that sometimes you may remain on the run for a long period of time but eventually the law does catch up to you”.

By: Rickson Bau

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