HCC will soon announce its 15 story building contractor


Honiara city mayor, Mr Andrew Mua.

The Honiara City Council is currently working on a site plan to acquire the title for the council’s fifteen story building project.

City Mayor Andrew Mua revealed today in an interview, HCC is following through with formalities.

Mayor Mua said they are working closely with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey’s physical planning departments to get things done before the next step- the contract agreement signing.

“The Honiara City Council on this new building proposal is working closely with the Land’s department, our physical planners and right now we are trying to work on our site plan to get the title of the piece of land under the City Council and then we are preparing to sign a contract with a new contractor who are willing to build this new building and then we will work out the agreement.”

He added, the council has identified the contractor based on mutual dialogue with the company’s representative.

Mayor Mua explained, both sides are satisfied and agree with the conditions to construct the building.

“With the current groundwork that we have and the dialogue with the group, we are satisfied that they will agree with the conditions we have to work with them and the conditions to share the building when it is complete.

“So discussion have started, the company representative has come into the Honiara City Council and we have talked over it. What is left is to put it before the full council to endorse it.”

Mayor Mua explained, the company’s identity will be revealed after discussions with the national government.

By: Allen Waitara

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