NDMO Director Loti Yates. Photo credit: GCU.

NDMO Director Loti Yates. Photo credit: GCU.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has concluded a three days workshop to establish a Technical Working Group (TWG) to review the country’s post disaster assessment process.

A statement today says the need to review the post disaster assessment process in Solomon Islands has been highlighted following disasters that hit the country in recent years.

NDMO Director, Loti Yates said it is critical for the country to have accurate and timely information about the needs of affected communities following a disaster to make right decisions and support.

Mr. Yates urged the TWG to review the current system and formulate a more practical and achievable assessment system for Solomon Islands.

The workshop was funded by the European Union (EU) under the ‘Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific’ project, implemented
by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

Meanwhile, EU Ambassador to Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Leonidas Tezapsidis said better training, planning and decision-making for natural disasters can only reduce vulnerabilities to natural calamities in the Pacific region.

Mr Tezapsidis said EU promotes the participation of both women and men in such activities, adding climate change actions in development programmes increase community resilience to natural hazards.

The TWG is made up of Solomon Islanders from various Government ministries and partner agencies with a key role in disaster response.

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