Leader of the Official Opposition group, Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

Leader of the Official Opposition group, Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Parliamentary Opposition has strongly urged the Prime Minister and his Government to immediately cease all arrangements with the Skyline Investment Group Company.

In a media statement the Opposition warns, there are fresh revelations that a director of Skyline, Jason Liu Tao is an international scammer and a wanted man in mainland China for his fake virtual coin investment and fake property development from Fiji.

The Opposition warns that the Solomon Islands Government must reconsider its engagement with Skyline.

It says the fresh allegations against Skyline Company that Mr. Tao has scammed about 50,000 people estimated around $3 million RMB is serious.

The statement adds, such information must not be taken lightly by the Government and must be investigated.

The Opposition further stated, until the investor is proven genuine, the whole agreement between the Government and the Skyline Group must be terminated.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Opposition said it has warned that this deal was a ‘scam’ when it was exposed.

With a shady background and no historical records of any sort, the Opposition said Skyline Company is not a genuine investor and the Government should not engage them.

With the latest revelation, the Opposition called on the Prime Minister to do the right thing and terminate the MOU with the Skyline

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