The tailings dam currently. Photo credit: MECDM.

The tailings dam currently. Photo credit: MECDM.

Coastal communities from Tenaru to Metapona river in Northeast Guadalcanal are calling on responsible authorities to provide a clearer explanation of the proposed de-watering process of the Gold ridge Tailings Storage Facility.

The Ministry of Environment and Conservation and the National Disaster Management Council have announced they will soon issue a licence to the Gold Ridge Mining Investment Limited (GRMIL) to begin lowering the level of water in the dam.

But speaking to SIBC News today, a Guadalcanal Chief, Alfred Lova says his people fear for their lives because they have never been enlightened on the actual process and whether or not it will be safe for their livelihood.

He appeals on the responsible authorities to explain the effects of the de-watering process and who would be likely affected.

“We would like a clarification especially for those of us who are living along the coastal area and especially here at the downstream communities as to which areas would be affected once the de-watering process continues, so I am calling on the responsible people to clarify to us because we feared for our lives.”

SIBC News understands the National Government has spent more than $1.7 million in setting up additional water storage in the communities likely to be affected.

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