Overlooking the Tulagi Barbour, from where the Number One House location. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                                                   Overlooking the Tulagi Barbour, from where the Namba Wan House location. Photo credit: SIBC.

The people of Central Province have questioned their provincial government and the Ngella Constituency Development Office following the delay of national projects in the province.

These projects include; the Tulagi road improvement, Tulagi Mini cannery, Tulagi International Sea port, Mbokolonga Airport, West big Gela road rehabilitation, Agriculture project in Russell Islands and Namba Wan House reconstruction Project.

A concerned Ngella man who requested anonymity said he understands, these projects have been budgeted for under the national development Budget and they were in the policy framework of the national government.

Our source says the Anuha issue, is just a matter for the province to apply for forfeiture from the Commission of Labour seeking the return of their land title.

He adds, the RIPEL issue is similar to the Anuha issue which only needs a roundtable discussion with Lavukal trust board and the National Government for the resettlement of outstanding issues.

This simple processes were overlooked by the previous provincial government and stakeholders.

He urge the current Provincial Government and Ngella Constituency’s Development Office to explain to the citizen of this country the progress of these national projects.

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