The official Solomon Islands Football Federation's official logo. Photo: Courtesy of SIFF.

                                                       The official Solomon Islands Football Federation’s official logo. Photo: Courtesy of SIFF.

And in Sports, the country’s National Football team is currently in camp ahead of its away match of the OFC 2018 World Cup Qualifiers against Tahiti on 7th November in Papeete, Tahiti.

Team Manager Gideon Omokirio announced today a 24-man squad was selected and are currently in camp.

But he says only 18 players will be traveling with the inclusion of few new players.

Mr. Omokirio adds, having a mixture of both experienced and young players at the third stage Qualifiers is good for the team.

“These are young and new faces coming in to join the team. Players like Michael Sira, Atkin Kaua, Matthias Iani, Junior Albert, and Santas Kapini. We are trying to mix up the team so that we have our new and young players to join the team and experience camping as well as join our experienced players. Hopefully, with that mix, it can give us a formula or a good result we want for our games.”

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