NDC Hub Regional Media Dialogue Starts in Suva


The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) has started its annual Regional Media Dialogue in Suva Fiji today (31 August 2022). 

The NDC regional media dialogue kicked off today following the Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contribution Annual Focal Meeting which started yesterday.  

Speaking during the opening Regional Pacific NDC Hub Project Manager Mrs Iris Cordelia Rotzoll said the aim of the annual meetings is to interact and exchange ideas on how the pacific can become more resilient to climate change to the benefit of our people and the world. 

Mrs Rotzoll said the pacific region’s contribution to greenhouse emissions is one of the lowest in the world however they are also one of the groups experiencing the impacts of climate change. 

Even though pacific islands states are contributing very little to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions the world-wide consequences of climate change are felt here very much, despite this the pacific islands have shown exemplary leadership in international discussions on climate change,” Mrs Rotzoll said. 

Regional Pacific NDC Hub Project Manager Mrs Iris Cordelia Rotzoll

NDC Hub Chair of Steering Committee, Tutii Chilton said the NDC hub needs the media in bringing out information on the work the NDC Hub and pacific islands countries do on climate change. 

He added it helps put the human aspect of the issue into focus and get the international community to view small island states as big ocean states when covering stories on climate change.

The pacific is at the front line of the climate crisis and we need voices on this issue and you are that voice.” 

Fiji Sun Climate Change Journalist and Fiji’s participant at the dialogue Kelera Sovasiga Tuisawau said she found the media dialogue very interesting and informative. 

It was interesting to have Pacific journalists from different mainstream media and NGOs to collaborate on the importance of NDC and how it has an effect on countries in terms of them cutting down their greenhouse emissions. 

The session was also helpful in enhancing more of our knowledge in understanding what NDC’s are and writing better in a way that our audience, especially at the grassroot level can understand,” Mrs Tuisawau said. 

NDC Hub Chair of Steering Committee, Tutii Chilton

The NDC Hub supports 14 Pacific Island Countries and Territories in implementing, enhancing and financing their NDC to meet their commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement.  

The Pacific NDC Hub supports Pacific Island Countries to review, develop, and enhance their national climate plans. 

For several countries, important support has been provided for NDC enhancement and investment planning to unlock the climate finance needed.  

Media participants in the media dialogue were from Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga, Palau, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, and Samoa. 

The dialogue was made possible through the support from the German Corporation, Australian Aid and New Zealand.

The media dialogue concludes tomorrow. 

By Sharon Nanau

In Suva, Fiji

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