New CITREC ‘Remittances  Accord’


The two Guadalcanal CITREC graduates arrived in Canada to work. Photo credit: CITREC.

History will once again be written in Canada as the final touches on an accord to be called the ‘Remittances  Accord’ piloted for the province of Guadalcanal will have spill over economic benefits for the Country.

Chairman of the Canadian International Training and Education Corp, Ashwant Dwivedi told SIBC news from Canada, this arrangement will be open to any other province joining the CITREC program.

Chairman Dwivedi said, for the first time, a formal remittance arrangement will be introduced- an obligation for every person from Solomon Islands working in Canada under CITREC.

“An obligation from every person coming from the Solomon Islands to work in Canada, where we”ll be asking them to remit money back to the economy of Solomon Islands,”he said.

“We encourage this method, we promote this method of them remitting money back to the local economy, and its important that we contribute and they contribute to the development of the national economy.”

Details of the Accord was fleshed out today ,  Mr. Dwivedi said once it is given the much needed approval, CITREC will be pleased to introduce it to the Province of Guadalcanal on May 31st when he is due to visit the country.

By: Lowen Sei.

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