New filtration plant for Kongulai soon


The Kongulai Water Source.

Solomon Water is finalizing detail plans on the construction of a filtration plant at the Kogulai water source by the end of this year.

Solomon Water Chief Executive officer Ian Gooden confirms.

Mr Gooden said high turbidity during rainy weather is one of the main causes of water outage in the capital city.

He said the Kogulai water source supplies White River in West Honiara to Central Honiara at Kola Ridge, and water services are expected to improve once the filtration plant is complete.

” We are just working through the detail design for Kongulai at the moment, and we hope that maybe in September we can tender that work for construction,” he said.

” This will improve the chlorination and disinfection of the water.”

Mr Gooden adds, with the increasing population in Honiara, the State Owned Enterprise is also planning on building a water treatment plant at Lunnga in Central Guadalcanal , to meet the increasing demand for water.

He said they had already identified a site and a feasibility study has already been conducted, but they are still facing problems with the plan due to funding difficulty.

Mr Gooden said around US$13 Million was needed for the proposed plant, and they are already talking with Aid Donors to fund the plant’s construction.

By: Lowen Sei. 

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